E-Cigarette On Twitter: Could A Tweeting Electronic Cigarette Help You Quit Smoking?

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The conductive tape was put over the button of the e-cigarette box that would house an Arduino with a Bluetooth shield powered by a nine-bolt battery.” When you press the button on the e-cigarette, the conductive tape completes the circuit and sends a signal to the Arudino, which connects with an iPhone app over Bluetooth. The app displays stastics and sends tweets to the device’s Twitter account, TweetingCiggy . Here are some sample tweets from the tweeting e-cigarette: I just kept Will from smoking 1 cigarette.
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It could be the case that people with a positive experience of using e-cigarettes were more likely to take part than people with negative experiences. So the results may not be representative. Also, the study did not assess whether these people actually quit smoking as a result blu of e-cigarette use. This means the results cannot be compared to the effectiveness of stop-smoking treatments that have been properly tested and does not prove that e-cigarettes are an effective method of helping people to quit smoking.
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E-cigarette study hints at quit-aid potential

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E-cigarette ‘vapers’ using them to quit smoking

E-cigarettes were first introduced in China in 2004. The battery-powered devices let users inhale nicotine-infused vapors, which don’t contain the harmful tar and carbon monoxide in tobacco smoke. While past studies have looked at the use of e-cigarettes, the new study is the first to follow hundreds of smokers for an entire year. It did not, however, compare the devices to traditional nicotine replacement therapies, such as gum or patches. To see how many e-cigarette users would cut down or quit smoking cigarettes without any encouragement, the researchers recruited 300 people between June 2010 and February 2011. All were current smokers who stated they had no intention of quitting in the near future.
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