E-cigarette technology is ahead of the laws

“We ID everyone.” Jason Shaeffer opened E-Cig City in 2011 and business has been humming, Oberndorf said. “At first no one knew about e-cigarettes; we would get a customer every couple of hours,” Oberndorf said of the early days. “Now [business] is picking up and there’s research being done on them.” Customers can customize their e-cigarettes to have little to no nicotine, said Oberndorf, who does not smoke e-cigarettes but lives with someone who does. “I have customers who were smoking 24 milligrams stop vaping and stop smoking ,” he said. “They just like the feeling of holding something in their hand.” E-cigarette users frequent the Cliff restaurant, said general manager Andrew Turula. “There are three or four customers who sit in the bar on Tuesday nights and use [e-cigarettes],” said Turula, who used to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day and changed to e-cigarettes a couple of months ago.
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